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Lawn & Landscape Services for Residential & Commercial Properties & HOAs in Lorena, TX

We've been providing our services for 22 years!

Lorena is in McLennan County, TX, and is called home by almost 1,800 people. Though small, this city boasts a rich, close-knit community and a blend of suburban and rural living. You can take the kids for a fun day outside at McBrayer Park, get a cup of coffee at Boujee Bean, and enjoy delicious wine at Country Spring Vineyard and Wine Garden.

At Green Ackors Landscaping & Irrigation, we've been offering our lawn and landscape services to residential and commercial properties and HOAs in Lorena, TX, for 22 years! From lawn care and maintenance to landscaping, design and build, and irrigation services - you can trust that we have the skills and know-how to exceed your expectations with our high-quality results.

We can help enhance your turf's aesthetics and health with our lawn care and maintenance services.

Enhancing your turf's aesthetics and health takes time, effort, and a lot of TLC, but we can help do just that with our lawn care and maintenance services! Our team will routinely fertilize it to provide all the nutrients it needs to thrive, then utilize pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments to ensure clover, poa annua, henbit, and other common weeds in Lorena, TX, don't get the upper hand. We can also improve resource access to the roots of your grass, increase its density, and protect it from damage-causing insects and diseases.

On the other hand, we'll mow your lawn weekly from April until November, then bi-weekly during the off-season to maintain its manicured appearance. We can also spruce up your yard and remove leaves so your property in Lorena shines. We offer the following lawn care and maintenance services:

Maintain Your Property's Curb Appeal With Our Landscaping Services

If you want to maintain your property's curb appeal, then our landscaping services are just what you need. Our team can turn your dream landscape into a reality, adorning it with beautiful plants, annual flowers, and a mulch or rock ground cover. Then, we'll fertilize your trees and shrubs, trim and prune them, and apply treatments effective against diseases and insects to keep them in top condition.

Whether you want to establish your new lawn in Lorena, TX, through seeding or sod - we've got you covered. Meanwhile, we can remove a tree you no longer want and grind down the stump afterward. We can also remedy flooding problems with our drainage solutions! Here are all the landscaping services we provide:

We offer a hydroseeding service to grow new grass across large areas.

Increase the Function & Style of Your Outdoor Space With Our Design & Build Services

We offer a comprehensive selection of design and build services to increase the function and style of your outdoor space in Lorena, TX! We can construct an equally beautiful and durable patio using high-quality materials, including stone pavers, limestone, sandstone, granite, and more. Our crew can also solve soil erosion, plus help you maximize your sloped land with a retaining wall, then boost your property's curb appeal with a new and improved driveway.?

We can design and build a custom outdoor kitchen to make hosting outside gatherings easier than ever, which we'll complete with stainless steel drawers, a fridge, a sink, and other amenities. But wait, that's not all - we can also install a pergola, pavilion, trellis, and deck!

We offer irrigation installation, repairs, maintenance, and backflow testing services.

Keeping your lawn and landscape watered throughout the growing season is vital for their health, which is where your irrigation system comes in. We offer repairs and maintenance to ensure it stays in prime condition and functions how it should. We can also perform backflow testing and even install a new irrigation system if you don't already have one! Our irrigation services are as follows:

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At Green Ackors Landscaping & Irrigation, we offer lawn and landscape services to homes, businesses, and HOAs in Lorena, TX. Whether you need us to fertilize your lawn, trim and prune your plants, install an irrigation system, construct a patio, or anything in between - we have you covered. Call us today at (254) 715-9520 to schedule any of our services!


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