Lawn and Garden Care

There are “mow and blow” crews all over the place. Count the different companies that drive through a neighborhood on any given Friday. You’ll get dizzy seeing them all come and go. We are different. We go way beyond “mow and blow”. We CARE for the landscape. Attention to detail is the key.

We begin with mowing and trimming, of course. Then we address the beds, patios, containers, etc. Have you ever come home and your shrubs were unexpectedly trimmed into little dice shaped cubes? Not with us. We walk the property with you to find out just how you like plants trimmed. If you leave it up to us, we know how plants look best, but we also know that your personal preferences matter most.

We can put a package together for you that will take care of just about anything you need outside the house. We put a 52-week calendar together for you that delivers year-round lawn and garden care that fits your budget and the complexity of your landscape.

Call today to get onto our schedule.