Landscape Installation

Our crews can prepare, build and install all elements of your landscape. Throughout the project, we work to keep our customers informed about the schedule and what to expect each day. We keep a clean and orderly jobsite throughout the process. We plant everything from small pots of seasonal color to mature trees.

Appropriate soil amendments are the first step. Ask me about the benefits of expanded shale. Have you ever compared mulches? There are high quality mulches on the market — and then there are mulches made from chipped up construction debris. Let me show you the difference.

Construction projects (hardscaping) can really add to a landscape and we do a great job of building pergolas, decorative fences, water features and fire pits. If you haven’t seen our backyard / showroom in China Spring, you should. We have samples of most all of our work in place.

Call and we’ll set up a time for you to come take a look. It looks great at night, as well. Did I mention that we do landscape lighting?