About Us

Green Ackors Landscaping was founded in 2001 by Brent Ackors. After 30 years in the retail grocery business, Brent decided to pursue a lifelong passion for landscaping.


Brent and his wife, Jo have a vision for Green Ackors Landscaping.

They love to design, install and care for creative and unique landscapes in McLennan and Bell Counties.  We know that homeowners and businesses get bored with the same ol’, same ol’ approach to landscaping and we set out to deliver something different — something better.

Their teams strive to understand the needs of each customer and to exceed their expectations every day.

Brent and his wife Jo run the business together from their office in China Spring, Texas. Together, they have two sons and two daughters. Both Brent and Jo claim Lubbock as their hometown, but met here in Waco. They enjoy cooking and traveling and spending time with family and friends.  Fortunately, they share a passion for a beautiful lawn and garden…both for their customers and themselves. They are big Texas Tech fans.  Wreck ‘em!!

Our planet Earth

You hear a lot of talk about being “green” these days. It is a very popular and politically correct term to bounce around. Let me say this about Green Ackors Landscaping. God gave us this wonderful planet and we treat it kindly. We encourage a wise and conservative use of water. We recycle our plant containers, shrub and tree trimmings, all metal and steel scrap materials, aluminum cans and pallets. Rest assured, we are a responsible and caring company. It the label fits, call us “green”. After all, it is part of our company name.


Over the past fourteen years, we have had the pleasure to meet and serve so many great people. My very first landscape job was for Pam and Phil Lowry in 2001. We designed and installed their landscape and have taken care of it every week since then. My heartfelt thanks goes out to Pam and Phil and to all of those who have chosen to do business with us.

If you are considering Green Ackors Landscaping for a project or service, I will be happy to provide multiple references.